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Guide to Grooming Your New Puppy

Guide to Grooming Your New Puppy

Puppy Grooming

It’s one of the most wonderful things a human can do, welcoming a new puppy into your life. All of a sudden everything seems brighter, and this furry little bundle of joy has somehow become the centre of your universe. 

Starting a grooming routine early on is one of the best ways you can care for your new best friend. This will allow your puppy to get used to being handled (by you, and veterinarians/professional groomers in the future), and with the help of some treats and positive reinforcement, your puppy will soon learn that grooming can be fun!

This process will strengthen the bond between you, and will also give you an opportunity to check for any health issues, such as parasites, sores and infections.

It’s always a good idea to ask your vet for advice on grooming, as different breeds will have specific needs.

Puppy grooming tips:

Handling and introducing tools

Puppies don't usually need much grooming, but getting your pooch used to the process will help to avoid any distress and make the grooming experience much more pleasant for both you and your pup.

Try lightly holding their paws for a couple of minutes, touching their ears gently, and even holding a soft bristle brush to their skin, or nail clippers to their paws. Reward them afterwards with a treat, and they will associate these actions and tools with a happy time!


Use a soft bristle brush very gently and slowly. Use this time to check for ticks or fleas, or any cuts or infections. New puppies can be susceptible to dermal mites or belly sores, so ask your veterinarian for advice if you find these. 

Hold your puppy firmly but gently, so they don't fall or slip, and remember to give treats to remind them that brushing is fun.


It’s important to get certain breeds used to bathing from an early age. Start with lukewarm water, in a quiet and calm environment. If your pup shows any signs or panic or distress, starting with one paw at a time, or even just a wet cloth is perfectly fine. Remember, treats are your friend during this process!

Make sure not to leave your dog wet and cold, use towels to dry their fur afterwards, or even get them used to a blow dryer on a gentle setting.

Nail trimming 

 Keeping your puppy’s nails trimmed is essential to their wellbeing - long nails can break and cause pain or infection. Remember to take it very slow with the clippers and don’t trim too short! Be patient with your pup, use treats, and be very gentle and loving so that they don't become scared.

Grooming gives you a chance to shower your puppy with all the love and care it deserves, and will teach them to trust you as you develop a fun and engaging relationship. Many dogs see grooming as a scary or painful experience, but it shouldn't be. With a little love and care, you can teach your puppy that grooming is good! °°


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