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Dog Ownership | 7 Human Behaviours Dogs Dislike

Dog Ownership | 7 Human Behaviours Dogs Dislike

Human Behaviours Dogs Dislike

As the saying goes, ‘we don’t deserve dogs!’ These loving furballs are so loyal to us that they often tolerate human behaviours which upset or disturb them. 

Of course, you would never want to do anything to make your dog unhappy, but unfortunately, they cant always communicate how they are feeling, so often times we are unaware that our precious pets are stressed or upset. 

Here are some examples of behaviours to avoid if you want to keep that tail wagging:

Shouting or yelling

Raising your voice at your dog is not an effective way to communicate with them. Dogs are very sensitive creatures, and they are likely to become confused or anxious when being yelled at. Avoid raising your voice, and always speak with kindness and patience. When it comes to training dogs, It’s much better to reinforce positive behaviour than to yell at ‘bad’ behaviour. 

Tight embraces

As a dog lover, it may be irresistible to run up and cuddle any pooch you see, but many dogs can find hugs and embraces overwhelming or even threatening, especially from strangers. Look out for body language cues, if a dog’s ears are flared, or they are displaying stiff posture or bared teeth, they are probably feeling uncomfortable. It’s especially important to teach children not to hug and embrace strange dogs, as this can result in injury.

Being touched on the face

Most dogs tolerate face touching, but they may actually find it intimidating and uncomfortable, especially from strangers. When meeting a furry friend for the first time, it’s best to start petting them on their back, neck and chest. 

Eye contact from strangers

The bond between a dog and their human is so special, you can probably make eye contact with your bestie and almost know what they are thinking, like an unspoken language! This bond only comes after a dog has developed a rapport and trust with you, so make sure to ease up on the eye contact when meeting new dogs - some may find it threatening.

Being dressed up in costumes

We know, it can be so cute and funny to dress your pooch up for Christmas or Halloween, but this is likely to be overwhelming and frightening for your dog. The reactions humans give to a dog in a costume can be confusing to them, and whilst some dogs tolerate costumes, most loathe wearing them. If your dog needs protection from the elements, it’s better to get them used to jackets or sweaters from a young age. 

Strong scents or fragrances

You already know that your dog has an incredible sense of smell - their nose is up to 100,000 times more sensitive than yours! They explore and experience the world around them through their nostrils, so strong odours can really throw them off. Sprays, fragrances and even cleaning products can irritate and overwhelm your dog, so make sure to use these at a safe distance from them, and never spray anything directly onto their fur.

Being left alone

The love dogs give us is truly unconditional, and once your pup has bonded to you, it's likely that they will hate being separated from you. 

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that you are able to be by your bestie’s side at all times of the day, so it's important to give as much love and affection to them whenever you are together. 

Establishing a set routine can help your dog get used to being apart from you, and if you need to leave them alone for long periods of time, it's best to find a trusted daycare or pet sitter. °°


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